Zodiac Casino Review : objective and detailed advice from our team!

The  Zodiac Online Casino  is one of the oldest casinos famous of Canada and Quebec. We find there a graphic environment specific to his indentation that he forged during his years of activity.

That said, despite its fame and its seniority in the market, the Zodiac casino seems to disappoint more and more players who then considered it as a benchmark.

In this review, we will review all the  offers of the Zodiac casino  and show some opinions of former players who were able to take a test of the casino.

How is registration at the Zodiac casino?

To play at the Zodiac casino, you must register. This casino does not allow, like other competitors, to play  games without registration . Zodiac Casino only allows players to play with their titles if a player has registered and has made a first deposit.

The inscription on Zodiac Casino  can be summarized in the following steps:

  • Connect to the Zodiac casino website.
  • Click on the button at the top “register”.
  • A registration form appears. This must be filled in carefully so as not to be mistaken about the personal details: name, surname, telephone number, email address, etc.
  • Choose a payment method from those offered in the form list.
  • Insert  supporting documents  to prove your identity.
  • It is also requested to insert the bank account number once a payment method is chosen.
  • Check the box “I accept the  terms and conditions  of use  of the site”.
  • Then confirm the registration by clicking on “send”.

Later, the Zodiac casino sends a link to the email address that you indicated in the form to invite you to insert a  password  and a username. Casino Zodiac does not immediately put its games and services within reach of players unless they make a  minimum deposit of $ 50 .

As for the type of connection offered to customers, the Zodiac casino has implemented a  security protocol  called SSL which encrypts the communications made between it and its customers. However, this is not the only security policy that must be implemented to  protect players  from account hacking or theft of bank details.

We insist that players first check the terms and conditions of the casino as well as  its regulations in  order to have a clear heart about this casino. The regulations guarantee a reliable and secure casino. The latter also ensure that the casino does indeed respect the  security standards  required for the web and the behaviors they must have.

Can we trust the payment service of the Zodiac casino?

To play at the Zodiac casino, we specified that you had to make a first deposit. To do so, the Zodiac casino offers some  more or less efficient payment methods  . Among them are:

  • Bank cards: Visa, MasterCard and Maestro.
  • Electronic wallets: Neosurf and EntroPay.
  • The checks.
  • Bank transfers.


We note in particular that the Zodiac casino lacks innovation and new  payment technologies  that are currently used. Indeed, the casino being very old, still clings to the old means of payment such as  bank transfers  and checks. However, online casinos currently offer much faster and more secure means such as   Skrill, Netteler or even Cashlib electronic wallets.

The  Neosurf and EntroPay methods  remain ineffective in view of their age. In addition Skrill and Netteler remain the most popular, and therefore inspires a lot of confidence.

To make a  Zodiac casino deposit , players must go through customer service by making a deposit request. Just go to his account, go to “deposit” and fill out a long form. Please note that it is not impossible to change the payment method previously chosen on the registration form. This is binding for someone wishing to migrate to a better method.

Players will need to make a first deposit of $ 50 to start playing and access   the casino welcome bonus . Later, the  minimum deposit  required will be reduced to $ 30.

Regarding  deposit times , players will have to wait an average of 2 to 3 days, with payment methods combined. We note that electronic payment methods   are a little faster than conventional methods.

To make a  ITHDRAWAL Zodiac Casino , players will go through the same steps and click on “withdrawal” instead. A withdrawal form will still have to be filled out, but this time by adding supporting documents such as a national identity card or a passport.

Players are allowed to withdraw only  $ 2,500 per month  and $ 500 per week. They will also have to verify that they have respected the withdrawal limits as  well as the wagering conditions linked to the welcome and daily bonuses. These wagering  conditions can go up to 40 times, which is quite painful to fulfill.

For  withdrawal times , these are even longer than deposits, because players will not only have to wait for the transaction time of the chosen payment method, but also the time to process the request with the  customer service of the casino Zodiac .

Although the casino claims to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it appears that players wait up to   7 days  to have their requests validated and cash out their winnings. Players who try to  contact customer service  via the contact means provided by the casino (email address, telephone number and live chat), do not find any answers as soon as possible. Indeed, those who make complaints for the delay in receiving their winnings, do not get answers until very late.

What can we say about the games offered by the Zodiac casino?

Being an old establishment, the Zodiac casino was able to collect up to  600 games . However, depending on the duration of its activity, this figure remains small. We also note that the figure does not always reflect quality.

Of these 600 games, there are several  categories of games  that casino players have encountered at other online casinos. These categories are:

  • Slot machines.
  • Blackjack games.
  • Poker games.
  • Baccarat.
  • Bingo.
  • Casters.

As  for the game providers,  we note that the Zodiac casino mainly offers games from a single game developer: Microgaming. It is not to disparage this supplier who is a fairly good developer, but the Zodiac casino does not offer diversity in these games. We notice that it is almost the same effects that come back,  the same graphics  and the same performance. The best casinos offer a better experience to its players by diversifying its suppliers and the titles offered.

On its selection of  slot machines , there are uninteresting and unattractive themes. The players can give a feeling of already seen or pushes to quickly lacerate  effects which are not very exciting . However, there are 5 popular slot machines including Mega Moolah, Tweet Hearts, Banana Odyssée, Le Book Of Oz and Aurora Wilds.

For lovers of  strategy games  like cards, the Zodiac casino offers Blackajck and Poker games with a limited number of variants. In addition, very recent titles like  Carribean Blackjack  and Poker Holdem do not exist on the catalog of Zodiac games, since the latter are designed by the famous NetEnt. There are quite old titles like  American Blackjack  and Poker Texas.

We also note a lot of  table games  like roulette, Bingo and Baccarat which are brought together in the same section. There are mainly  3 variants of roulette  including American roulette, French roulette and European roulette.

For the  redistribution rates of  the games offered by the Zodiac casino, there is a rate of 87% to 93%, which is very low compared to so many competing casinos which offer rates of 97%. This is due, again, to the fact that the majority of these games are developed by a single game publisher.

Zodiac Casino also offers a  mobile application  that players can download for free from the application store of their mobile phones. Zodiac Casino claims that the mobile version of the casino is fully functional and is compatible with all mobile devices.

However,  several bugs  were noted by the players. Some complain that they can no longer access their accounts, while others report bugs on the games available on the application.

For those who wish to take a  test of the Zodiac casino  at a lower cost, the casino does not offer any solution such as free games or promotional playing time.

Can we really take advantage of the bonuses at the Zodiac casino?

Like all online casinos, Zodiac Casino offers  bonuses and promotions  at registration and in the long term to keep its customers. But are these bonuses really worth it?

In terms of welcome bonuses, newly registered players can access the following bonuses:

  • A Bonus of  80 free spins  for a minimum deposit of $ 30.
  • A 100% bonus up to $ 100 on the first deposit.
  • A 50% bonus on height of $ 80 on the second deposit.
  • A 50% bonus up to $ 150 on the third deposit.
  • A 50% bonus up to $ 150 on the fourth deposit.


For the free spins bonus, the Zodiac casino requires bets with a  minimum amount of $ 1 . This means that you have to deposit $ 30 to access the bonus and wager $ 80 80 times, which makes a total of $ 110 to spend on a bonus in addition to the conditions that follow. It should also be noted that this bonus is only available with slot machines or other  games in progressive mode .

Note that the Zodiac casino allows you to win up to  $ 600 bonus  just at registration. These kinds of promotions can attract any player. However, to see if the  Zodiac casino bonuses  are really worth it, you have to look at the withdrawal conditions.

As for free spins, players will have to  bet at least 30 times  the bonus amount to be able to access their winnings. For the rest of the deposit bonuses, players must make at least 40 bets on each of them in order to be allowed to make a withdrawal request.

This remains applied for the rest of the  permanent promotions available  on the promotions tab of the Zodiac casino. For the types of bonus available, players can find cashback bonuses, deposit bonuses, free spins bonuses, etc.

The  most active players  and those most present on the Zodiac casino gaming platform can join a  VIP program  which aims to reward the players who animate the casino the most. To find the VIP bonuses, players must go to the “casino rewords” tab and take advantage of the following advantages:

  • 100 loyalty points  for registering for the VIP program.
  • More or less flexible withdrawal conditions (depending on the VIP level reached).
  • More regular bonuses.
  • The  cashback rate  of 12%.

It should be noted that VIP players do not escape the wagering requirements which are reduced to only 25 times.

Negative reviews of players on Zodiac Casino on forums and on Redit

We were able to read and report numerous  reviews of players  resident in Canada, Quebec and certain  cities like Toronto . To illustrate the casino well on its different aspects, we have taken opinions on each service of the casino including games, bonuses, withdrawal procedure, customer service and registration procedure.

Here is a comment found on Reddit of a player who complains that he was  never able to withdraw his winnings  on time: “  This casino really seemed to me to be good. The graphics, the number of games and the bonuses really gave the impression that playing on Zodiac was going to be a real pleasure! And there, I find myself running behind this casino to withdraw my winnings, and again, these are ridiculous winnings. I was fed up, so I left my 120 euros on the account and I unsubscribed …  “.

Regarding the  payment service , there is a rather shocking testimony since the casino does not in any case mention such withdrawal conditions: ”  I signed up at this casino, I played bonuses, games, etc. . I struggled a lot to fulfill the wagering requirements but what stuck my head the most was that it was not possible to withdraw my winnings with EntroPay, when my deposit was performed with the same method !! I then contact customer service, I had to wait another 3 days to receive a response. And imagine that I am told that I cannot withdraw with this method !! I have no other accounts, so I had to open another to make a bank transfer, I still had to wait 10 days. In short, I rarely play since …».

Other unanimous opinions on  the forums  have been shared to complain about customer service, such as this player who only gets answers when it comes to trivial questions: ”  I did my little experiment to see why the customer service takes so long to answer me. I sent questions concerning the withdrawal conditions, the amounts of bets and other tips that can be found in the FAQ or just on the casino home page. Imagine that I got answers in less than two days. While when I claim a fee or complain about the time it takes to transfer money, I am only answered after 5 days and asked to send them my national ID !! Nothing to do … In short, I had enough and I left! 

For this player, her opinion on the casino was much more focused on casino games: ”  At the beginning I was very excited at the idea of playing on Microgaming games! But later I realize that they were acting from old titles to which I already played (emoji discontent). I still tried it but it was not as interesting as other times … It was not at all the atmosphere of fulfilling wagering requirements on games that we have played 1000 times. 

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