William Hill Casino review : Can we trust it?

Gambling is a world famous entertainment, which has enjoyed  great success  without ever running out over the years.

Thanks to this highly important point, there are  more and more gaming platforms  as well as virtual establishments that are emerging daily.

The William Hill Casino, for example, is one of them, and the latter offers a wide range of  services  to users, ranging from the simplest like bonuses, to the most elaborate like support.

This online casino is quite old, and it has proven itself a few years ago, except that these seem to  run out of steam over time , we did a full test and here is our verdict.

Registration at the William Hill Casino

Similar to all platforms of this type, the William Hill Casino  requires  new players to  register  before they can use it.

Registration is a simple step, which should only take a  few moments in  order to optimize the players’ usage time.

This is done first by going to  the official platform  of the online casino, then by clicking on the ” Registration  ” tab  made for this purpose.

This step then involves a  few forms  that need to be filled in with some personal information  , which can be the surname, first name, email address, telephone number and address of the player.

A second form follows this first, and it contains  slightly more personal information  and  contact details  that the player must mention, such as bank details for example.

Before confirming all the information noted, the website provides players with  conditions of use  that many tend to neglect.

But knowingly, and according to our own test, it would be better to pay  particular attention to it  and to sacrifice a few moments to read and confirm them, because these conditions can hide a lot of unspoken things which can hide in turn bad surprises.

Version mobile

Being  established in 1998 , William Hill Casino is one of the online casinos  the oldest  on the canvas and there are quite a few in this category today.

In order to get up to date and to be able to match more players around the world, this online casino has revised its strategies, and opted for  a mobile version  that players can easily download on  iOS  or  Android .

The latter allows them to have access at any time, but especially anywhere to the game library of this gaming platform, however this good news does not come alone, because this mobile version has  some drawbacks .

The most annoying drawback is that of  recurring bugs , which happen far too often and which prevent players above all from recording their winnings.

This is a point which hinders  countless users , who prefer to turn to other more efficient e-casinos.

Means of payment and withdrawal from William Hill Casino

Online casinos are obliged to provide their users with a  variety of deposit facilities , so that they can make their payments as comfortably as possible.

William Hill Casino being an international platform, it must therefore offer  a maximum of options  to reach all the countries where it operates such as Mexico, Slovenia, Russia, Qatar or Canada.

For Canadian players, there are quite a few payment methods available, and users can  choose between  :

  • The  credit cards  like MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Western Union;
  • The  bank transfers , checks, Paypal;
  • E-wallets  like Ukask, Entropay, Neteller, Skrill;
  • Prepaid cards or  tickets  like Neosurf, TrrstPay.

The deposit facilities at William Hill Casino don’t stop there and the list goes on  , but the ones listed above are the most used and top rated.

A priori, deposits at the William Hill Casino take no time and in this case are made  instantly  unlike withdrawals.

Indeed, withdrawals from William Hill Casino are made in  too long periods  ranging from 24 hours if players use electronic wallets, up to ten days if they use checks or bank transfers.

During our test of this online casino, we had the opportunity to try its  various services , and we affirm with certainty that that of the withdrawals of profits is by far the  most catastrophic .

We waited whole days and weeks before being able to receive our money, and in certain situations, these transactions are  suddenly canceled  without any compensation which is a shame.

We have spoken with a few players, and they too say that these are  recurring situations  that happen very often contrary to public opinion.

Withdrawing money is a  complete scam  from William Hill Casino, which only scams its customers.

Games available at William Hill Casino

The William Hill Casino toy library is  well stocked , and it has  collected  great titles over time.

The latter has no less than  200 different slot machines  , belonging to equally different categories, whether classic, 3D or video and with equally different functionalities in terms of reels or pay lines.

In order to design its toy library, the William Hill Casino collaborated with  several  game and software publishers, some of them very well-known and others a little less.

Among the best known publishers  , it is possible to cite Playtech, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming and IGT, and among those with  less experience  it is possible to cite Realistic Games, Blueprint Gaming



or Novomatic.

Obviously  the categories of play  at William Hill Casino are not limited to slot machines, because it is possible to find others like blackjack, poker, baccarat or even roulette.

Regarding the  most popular  and  popular games  in Canada from William Hill Casino, it is possible for players to find Premium European Roulette, Everybody’s Jackpot, Spider-Man: Attack of the Green Goblin, Fantastic Four 50 Lines or Franki Dettori Magic Seven.

Bonuses and promotions at William Hill Casino

Bonuses and promotions are  a  great way  for online casinos to attract new players, and possibly keep them as long as possible.

Players can find  many possibilities  like:

  • The 100% welcome bonus  can reach $ 200, but it is only obtained if the player makes a deposit;
  • If players decide to  download the software  from William Hill Casino, they will receive $ 250 as a bonus;
  • If the players’ first deposit is  not bad , they can receive up to $ 400 in bonuses;
  • There is  a loyalty bonus  offered to the most regular and active players, which allows them to earn up to $ 3,500 more.

In addition to these bonuses mentioned above, it is possible to find other offers , such as a sponsorship bonus or a VIP program.

Players located in Quebec or Toronto using the William Hill Casino find that its offerings  leave something to be desired , and that they are not as interesting as that.

Indeed, in our opinion these promotional offers do not offer much to users if it is only  dream  and  false hopes .

Negative reviews of William Hill Casino

There are  many issues  that can be encountered when using the William Hill Casino, and it is possible to find many reviews in  online forums.

Among the problems that come  most often  :

Cash withdrawals

The William Hill Casino reddit is  full  of negative opinions about withdrawals which are considered  real scams .

This casino may work miracles on other points, it can never be redeemed from players who have suffered  scams , and you should know that everyone has already had this experience  at least once  on this platform, which is unacceptable.

Client service

Customer service is  a  service essential  to the proper functioning of an online casino, especially if the latter encounters a lot of problems with its customers like William Hill Casino.

But this platform has one of the  worst supports  available online, it is not very interactive unlike what it claims to be, and it is very absent.

In addition, it does not provide  any solution  when it is operational, quite the contrary, because it puts its customers in new problems which makes the whole  practically insolvent .

The mobile version

The intention of William Hill Casino is good, because it wants to make access to players  easier , except that this mobile version is  catastrophic .

It has many flaws, first concerning  the security  of player information, then concerning  too heavy and recurring bugs  .

Our final review of the William Hill Casino is clear, clean and precise, as  we do not recommend it  to all players around the world.

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