Spin Palace Casino review : Our complete test!

The Spin Palace casino is part of the Space View casino group  , the latter was more or less very coveted in the past, and is still quite popular as a supplier today, thanks to its age since it has existed  since 2001 , but also thanks to the number of games available on the platform.

However, the old casino is not always equal to the  best casino,  and this has been proven to us many times in the course of our tests.

This is how today we decided to conduct a whole review on the casino to be able to decide if this casino is really worth the effort and deserves all its notoriety, or on the contrary it is an unreliable casino and therefore to to avoid.


How do I register at Spin Palace Casino?


When opening the casino platform, it is quite interesting to pay attention to how the casino is organized, the latter is  quite innovative and  is not at all conventional in terms of the arrangements of the different modules.

So when you would like to register, you will then follow several steps which are  not very common  and which unfortunately for those who do not know the platform very well, could be  very restrictive.

Indeed the casino invites its new customers to participate in a  kind of survey  to collect the maximum of information necessary for each customer, such as for example: what is  your daily budget , or what is your  targeted budget , as well as the type of account which you will be proposed will then be based on your survey.

A way which seems rather interesting but which is far from being it, since this method will be for almost all the customers  very difficult to access  because unknown for the moment, but also this technique is controlled by  a robot  and therefore this may not specifically offer you what may be  best for you.

And that’s why we don’t approve of these new registration methods.


 What bonuses are available at the Spin Palace casino?


The Spin Palace casino presents some ” Spin Palace Bonuses ” quite found in most other casinos, with a few differences, the casino since its creation has not really  updated its bonuses , and therefore remains still  very limited  in terms of bonus.



And as the bonuses are still the criteria for the choice of casinos by the testers, you may be  moderately disappointed  with the bonuses of this casino.

In short, the Spin Palace casino offers:


  • The welcome bonus: This bonus represents the most important bonus on the platform, since it still remains the highest and therefore the most advantageous and the most generous, however the latter is not very different nor very unusual not related to the competition, and therefore if the welcome bonuses are one of the factors for you to choose between two casinos, know that the welcome bonus of the Spin Palace platform may not be the most advantageous, nevertheless the latter offers you a 100% bonuses on your deposits, which will be capped up to $ 250 when you make your first deposit and $ 300 when you make your second deposit, then $ 450 when you make your third deposit;
  • The weekly bonus: This bonus is simply an offer which encourages players to always make deposits to receive more winnings, so you will need to make deposits of $ 5,000 per week to be able to take advantage of the weekly bonus, quite severe in our opinion. taste, and almost impossible for all budgets;
  • The Friday bonus: This bonus is the least advantageous of the bonuses, in fact it will make you benefit from 5% cash-back with each deposit on Friday, however you should know that this bonus is not very correct, because even if the platform promises cash back, which sometimes takes more than 6 months to be validated in our personal purse.

So as you can see, the bonuses on the platform can be multiple but are  never generous  and therefore this does not remain a good asset for the casino.

And therefore, it is important not to be seduced by bonuses which are at the same time  very untrue.


What games are available at the Spin Palace casino?


The Spin Palace platform is a casino  “powered by Micrograming”.

Indeed the casino regroups for most of its games, the creations of the giant of the  e-gaming Microgaming , but we also find some other creations like the games developed by the  company NetEnt  , or the micro games of the suppliers  Just For The Win  , Crazy Studio Tool or some other suppliers of random number games (RNG) to complete the range of slot machines.

Only here the presence of these gaming companies should not mislead you, because even if the casino works with the biggest developers, the latter buys them only  second zone games, these games are intended for  low-cost casinos  and are not necessarily very stable and even less very secure.

Basically these developers are there to advertise mainly and not to offer the best of their developments.



There is however the  Gonzo’s Quest  by the developer NetEnt, but also the progressive slot machines for most of them,  the Mega Moolah , The King Cashalot and some other micro games.

As for table games, you will come across some games with several variants such as  Video Poker,  Baccarat, Blackjack,  American and European roulette  with some games specially designed for Canadians called   “Spin Palace Canada”  with several categories which are distinguished by names of cities or states like  “Spin Palace Quebec”  and  “Spin Palace Toronto”

However, these little micro games are not the best in the game, moreover the casino tends to delete them from the platform, because of a lot of  negative feedback  by customers, especially on the  Spin Palace Reddit as  well as on various sites evoking  the Spin Palace reviews.



In addition, the platform tried in vain to modernize its offers somewhat, by adding to the catalog games with live dealers under the “Evolution Gaming” tunnel  , a house more or less new to the game, but which unfortunately will not help the casino since all the games with live dealers without  very unstable  and present a lot of bugs.


Become a VIP client at the Spin Palace casino


In order to compensate for the fairly static bonus shortages   on the platform, the Spin Palace casino has developed a program based on the loyalty of its customers as well as  their regularity  on the platform.

This loyalty is in the form of cumulative loyalty points which can be used before the end of each month to take advantage of possible gifts, such as  the coupon codes  to be used at the casino so that you can play a little more.

So you will start to collect these loyalty points  after 45 days  of daily connections and  $ 15,000 paid  in deposits, a very astronomical sum according to our testers since the gifts will  not be very advantageous for you.

After you have passed the $ 15,000 mark and the 45 days, you will be able to make a request in the form of a form on which you will enter  all your personal information  and then send it to the platform support by e-mail.

So if you receive a  Dr. favorable Epense  to your request, you will be admitted to  the VIP lounge , with each $ 1 wagered you will receive 1 loyalty point.

There are, however,  6 levels of loyalty  : Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Private.

So the number of loyalty points to go from one level to another is 2,500 points for the Bronze and  12,000 points  for the last level which is  worth $ 12,000!

Basically you will make an average of $ 30,000 deposit on the casino to take advantage of the  “Private VIP” , some players call this level the  “Spin Palace Scam”  because of the number of money deposited against almost no real benefits compared to the competition!


A mobile application for the privileged


However even if the VIP offer of the casino is really an  offer to be desired  and almost  without advantages , you should know that the casino offers a small function quite pleasant to VIP customers, this function is the mobile application available on smartphones and tablets  under Android , allowing players to connect without playing, and therefore to  ensure the continuity  of the profit of the VIP offer, since the subscription is maintained only during a daily connection  without interruption.

And so the application is quite  light and ergonomic  with the possibility of access to most of the games available on the platform, however it should not be forgotten that this application is only intended for the  very limited  number of VIP customers, and therefore there is nothing to rejoice too much about.


What are the methods of withdrawals and deposits at the casino?


In terms of  financial transactions  issued and transmitted on the platform, Spin Palace Casino offers several multitudes of payment methods which include a few  bank cards, bank  transfers or  Canadian electronic wallets.

In summary for your deposits, the platform recognizes the payment methods by:


  • Credit card: Visa – American Express (AMEX) – MasterCard – Maesto;
  • Electronic wallets: SKrill – Neteller – iDebit – Tsutly,
  • Electronic checks: PaySafe;
  • And finally by conventional bank transfer.

As for means of withdrawals, the list is shortened and restricted to find that with  Visa, Mastercard and AMEX credit cards,  a significant disadvantage that we will however regret very much.

Listed charges drawn during operations, the casino charges  0.9%  for each withdrawal by credit card, and  3.5% for each deposit  by bank transfer.

 Quite substantial taxes  for our testers when we compare them with the other casinos which  never exceed  1% of taxes.

And as far as transaction times are concerned, if your deposits are going to be validated automatically, the Spin Palace platform will, on the contrary, prove to be very  less effective  when you withdraw your winnings.

Indeed,  many complaints  from customers of the casino have been identified for several months, since the casino is no longer as efficient in terms of time compared to the competition.

The latter takes  up to a month  to validate withdrawals requested of  less than $ 1,000  and more than  3 months  for withdrawals of  more than $ 1,000,  a disadvantage that gives a bad blow to reputation as well as to the reliability of the casino.

On the other hand, the services promised by the casino such  as customer support  is also not  the greatest pride  of Spin Palace Casino, the latter is almost not available since it offers an online response via live chat  2 days of 7  and  9 AM to 2 PM , that is to say that if you have an emergency during your deposits or withdrawals, you will have to turn to support  by email  via the address: assisstance @ thepalacegroup. com, however this method remains to be desired since it is necessary to  formulate a whole text , and to wait without any sign that the casino has received your electronic mail, the delay of rethinking can vary from a  few hours  to a few weeks  according to our tests, therefore not very reliable as a method.


Why Spin Palace casino needs to improve?


If we were able to appreciate the Spin Palace casino at the start of our tests, it unfortunately did not take too long.

The casino accepts only a  very limited number  of players on its platform, this is for example the case of French-speaking players  outside Canada  such as French, Belgian, Swiss, or even English-speaking players such as Americans, English as well as Italian or Spanish nationals.

As a result, you will not be able to  play live  with French speaking correspondents for example, which may be less attractive for most of you, and lead  you to unsubscribe  for the benefit of other casinos that offer this option. .



The game library offered by the casino as well as the multiple methods of payment can be  some strong points  of the casino, however the players tend to have less and less confidence in the casino, since the payment periods are always slow despite the  number of general complaints  that the casino receives and which so far remain  unresolved , giving the impression that the casino completely does not care about its customers and their problems.

And finally the point that must be improved at any cost, is the  loyalty service of  the casino, which is still  very disadvantageous  since the levels are very hard to cross to obtain at the end of the gifts not considerable.


Negative opinions found on the reddit


After performing our Spin Palace test, we looked at what  other customers  really think about the casino on the forums and  reddit , and to get an idea of the problems that players may encounter during their use of the platform .

So we have reported for you some of these comments:



“After more than 6 months at the Spin Palace casino, I unsubscribe today because the casino has become a real scam, impossible to win on it I lost more money than I have won since I played at casinos! because of the very rip-off conditions of use. ”



“If you want to register on a casino, do not register on that one, you will regret it!” This casino stole my entire electronic wallet because I have not logged in for more than a week, real thieves beware! ”



“This casino despite its beautiful presentation, its services are really regrettable, I ordered my winnings won for more than 1 month and so far I have received nothing, more no email is resold the casino mutes all our requests. ”



“Casino not recommended! It is by far the worst casino that exists on Canadian territory! ”


Our final assessment on the Spin Palace casino


After more than 6 months on the Spin Palace casino platform, our rating on the casino is perhaps as you might have guessed  very negative , because on the one hand the casino did not seduce  any of our testers  because of its offers very disadvantageous, and which have nothing to do with a real casino worthy of the name.



And on the other hand because of the  feedback from players  who are also  very negative , and who do not really want to register at the casino largely because of  poor management  of services at the casino among others Spin Palace Dépot and Spin Palace withdrawals.

And therefore we  strongly recommend that you do not  register with the casino, and prefer another more profitable casino.

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