Royal Vegas casino review : should we opt for this casino?

Even if the United States has managed to appropriate the culture of gambling and steal the show at the original casinos with glitter and blinding lights, Canada is a discreet but fatal player. Indeed the plethora of casinos scattered all over the country generate huge winnings and welcome thousands of players from all over the world. Toronto, Quebec or Montreal are big cities that do not escape this tradition and that give the lucky ones the benefit of a singular charm. It is therefore not surprising to see Canadian online platforms occupy the rankings and compete with the best sites internationally.

The digital casino business is becoming increasingly important and difficult and missing out on such a lucrative source of entertainment. However, does this success always guarantee reliability? Are we easily blinded by the best argument? Security does not always seem to be respected and user data is at risk. Scams, fraud and mediocrity, this is a scourge that haunts online gaming platforms. This is what our article tries to address by providing you with a full opinion about the famous Royal Vegas.


What you should know about Royal Vegas casino.

If you are passionate about online luck games, you have certainly come across the name of this casino at least once in your life. Royal Vegas is a Canadian platform known for many things. In order to provide you with a detailed objective analysis, our team has equipped itself with its best elements to conduct the investigation and dissect this giant of gambling.

Undisputed veteran of the casino game, Royal Vegas has 20 years of activity during which he has long been at the top of the world ranking. Even if this longevity could put confidence in the most naive, we remain skeptical about this succession of victories much too easy. In constant competition with All Slots and The Platinum Play brand, this casino is however starting to show signs of weakness compared to the software used which is not always up to date. Will he be dethroned so far?

From a regulatory point of view, Royal Vegas has a Canadian license legitimizing its online business. Provided by the Malta Gaming Authority, the casino is nevertheless starting to rust in terms of data security for players using software that is now easily pirated. Several complaints are heard and a large number of players are gradually starting to desert the casino for fear of losing more than they earn. Concerning the suppliers of the platform, Royal Vegas is chaperoned by the publisher Microgaming which is the main source of its notoriety in view of the panel of games it offers but we will address this aspect there later in the article.

Let’s talk about the graphics of the Royal casino: the interface is simple, if not completely empty. The design is not the most elaborate and we quickly understand that Royal Vegas does not care about appearances and prefers not to make an effort on the design. This detail can affect the quality of the site, especially with a growing community that wants quality visually. The presentation on the home page is far too long and therefore rarely read, and the ergonomics of the site is far from the best.

Royal Vegas casino bonus: what do they offer?


The platform is known for a generous number of bonuses. However, these are easily volatile once bet. Among the rich panel we quote:

  • The welcome bonus is an often decisive custom when choosing an online gaming platform. The principle is simple, the more attractive the offer, the more players it attracts. Royal Vegas tried this approach with a 100% bonus on your to reach CAD 300.
  • On a second deposit at the casino, the player also benefits from a second bonus of 100% with a maximum threshold of 300 CAD also
  • For your third and then fourth deposit, the same rule applies with the same threshold with a total which can easily reach 1200 CAD for a Royal Vegas bonus bet.

The generously doubled sum is certainly a strong point for Royal Vegas. However, many players claim that it is very easy to lose these bonuses during games and that the loss / win ratio is greatly exceeded.


What are the criteria to take into account when choosing a reliable casino?

Online casino platforms are swarming at full speed on the web, leaving you perplexed as to the choice to make to enjoy a pleasant gaming experience without regret. To make up for the shortcomings of the Royal Vegas, our team has put together effective tips for detecting good quality casinos:

  • The quality of customer service is a must for a successful casino. The more the audience listens to your questions the fewer worries you will have. Check if the support is easily reachable by email, telephone or instant chat and their hours of availability.
  • Analyze the bonuses offered by the casino, an excess as well as a lack of bonuses are both bad omens.
  • Read and find out about the casinos you want to join. Full opinions on available even on video to guide you and avoid costly disappointments. If you still try a casino, read the terms of use to get an idea of the security system used and the software that runs the platform
  • If this is your first registration at the chosen casino, avoid making large deposits or betting everything do things gradually to see if the games offered are fairplay.
  • Finally you can also opt for a PayPal account which will allow you to play securely even in the event of attempted theft, your bank information will not risk anything


Banking options at the Royal Vegas casino.


After completing our registration the natural step is to make deposits in the hope of later recovering them in the form of withdrawals, these financial transactions are done through several methods, first of all before the traditional bank transfer as well famous bank cards like the Mastercard or Visa and Maestro, this method remains the most secure and reliable.

You can also use online payment platforms like Skrill or Neteller which have their own advantages.

The deposit is made instantly to your account while the withdrawal takes between 48 to 72 hours.

What do Reddit users think of Royal Vegas Casino?

One of the best ways to know the value of an online casino is to learn about users’ opinions through the forums because the feedback we see in specialized sites can be subjective and pushed by motives not very honest, the opinion of internet users is therefore a valuable source of information since it is a first-hand experience that is shared on these platforms, among these platforms we find the famous Reddit site where, after doing our research, we find a lot of negative opinion about this casino, many publishers complain about the games which they believe are clearly rigged and biased in favor of the casino which makes the players lose each time, they believe that this cannot be due to chance but rather to a machination orchestrated by this site.

Other Reddit users also complain that their winnings are not received when they make a withdrawal or that the money is received after a very long period sufficient to discourage players.

Royal Vegas casino games.

The Royal Vegas casino presents a collection of more than 600 different games from which to choose, this selection of games is based on the best of what the most famous publishers offer and includes different types of games like the classic must-haves including roulette , blackjack, poker as well as the timeless slot machine, these slot machines are available in different forms and themes which are not only differentiated by their interface but also by their content which is different depending on the version of the machine chosen which offers a lot of possibilities for players to explore and prevents them from falling into weariness.

Casino Royal Vegas therefore gives special attention to classic games which is logical given the theme of the casino in relation to the mythical city of games of chance, however this casino has not neglected the new games on the market, it therefore also offers them to users so that there is enough choice for all tastes and colors.

Should we opt for the Royal Vegas casino?

The real question that arises for all who read this article is the compatibility of the casino with our requirements, this is why we read the article in the hope of better knowing the different characteristics of the casino that we have in mind and thus better be able to judge it based on its strengths and weaknesses which offers us a fairly complete comparison of these different aspects in order to finally make our judgment, we detail it of which above .

What are the advantages of the Royal Vegas casino?

If the casino Royal Vegas has managed to make a place for itself among the most interesting casinos it is because it has a lot of assets which attract the customers and convince them to choose it, today with the massive competition that the world of online casinos one cannot succeed if one does not have characteristics capable of seducing the users since with all the choice of casinos which exists the players can always look elsewhere if they are not satisfied, it is clear, a casino without assets is a casino without customers, this is why the casino Royal Vegas knew how to offer a panoply of advantages to offer to the users in order to convince them of its quality, we will quote among them:

  • The  presence of a mobile application  gives players greater availability, especially since it has all the functionality of the browser version, this allows players to access and play it anywhere and at any time. given the mobility of smartphones and tablets.
  • The  wide range  of games  offered that exceed 600 games, this offers a large number of choices to players who will have the possibility to choose between a multitude of games with different gameplays and modes, this variability removed all suspicion of boredom and weariness.
  • The  very attractive bonuses  offered by the Royal Vegas casino allow players to earn more money while spending less, and in some cases spending nothing at all, these bonuses are therefore a considerable advantage which allows us to increase our chances. gains.
  • The  loyalty system  which consists of points that accumulate after the completion of certain actions, these points are used to reward active players and thank them for their loyalty by offering them lots of advantages such as bonuses but also special options and features.
  • The  security is to go,  this is an important consideration especially when it comes to such a sensitive area as online gambling, so we are relieved if the security of the casino Royal Vegas is the height of the task, thus encouraging players to trust it.
  • The interface is nice and the themes chosen are full of colors, the choice is therefore well made because it makes you want to play and fits perfectly with the burlesque and playful atmosphere of the famous casinos in Las Vegas with our neighbors to the south.


What are the disadvantages of Royal Vegas Casino?

Despite all its advantages mentioned above, we should note the presence of several weak points which make us descend to earth, actually when we analyze casinos it is the faults that we must pay more attention since the advantages are very often found in d ” other casinos and are not exclusive to the casino in question, this is why after being aware of the advantages of the Royal Vegas casino or any other casino you should immediately ask yourself what are the faults because there is no perfect casino, the only question and to determine whether its advantages exceed its disadvantages or that, on the contrary, its weak points are a real obstacle preventing a good experience, we will quote above certain faults that we find at the Royal casino Vegas and which should be remedied:

  • The  slot machines are bad , slot machines are considered games for their simplicity, they are appealing neither reflections nor stratagems, since a pure game of chance starts to lucky every time hoping that fate smiles , however the simplicity of the game makes its handling just as easy and that is what justifies our fears here.
  • The  customer service  is unfortunately not up because the most important criteria of customer service is its availability, or we notice a considerable waiting times and lack of customer service during the weekend and night hours.
  • The  cashback bonus  is practically not present while it is found in many competitors, this option which allows to recover a portion of the amount deposited during the week is a considerable asset which allows players to save money. money and reduce the bitterness of losses.
  • There are no weekly bonuses which reduces the attraction of the casino and removes the notion of excitement and anticipation about the presence of bonuses at the start of the week, this ends up installing an atmosphere of banality and routine who breaks the mood.
  • Withdrawals are not without conditions and can take a long time to get you far from the 24 hours announced by the casino, this lack of information concerning the withdrawal as well as the slowness of the latter leaves us pessimistic.


What is our conclusion?

To summarize all this will tell us that the casino Royal Vegas has undeniable advantages but that its defects are much more consequent which makes us tilt towards the negative.

Certainly there is no perfect casino, far from it, but there must be certain criteria to be respected and a certain level of conformity to be reached in order to be able to enjoy a fulfilling experience, this sought-after casino must guarantee the perfect balance between security and playability, knowing how to keep this balance is not an easy task, we think that the casino Royal Vegas unfortunately does not manage to take up the challenge this is why we do not recommend it, if you are a looking for an online casino that will meet your expectations we advise you to continue to search and try other alternatives in the hope of finding the almost perfect casino.

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