Quatro casino review : trustworthy casino or scam?

Launched on the web in 2008, quatro casino now has over 18 years of experience in the world of virtual casinos.

Quatro casino is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in online casinos found in the north of the American continent. Indeed, the latter no longer needs to be presented to Canadian players in general and Quebecers in particular. Designed by the famous firm Micro gamming, quatro casino has the best technologies in the design of its games and its platform. Belonging to the casino rewards group, quatro casino is known for its reliability with its users.

Quatro casino provides its players with a wide range of games, enough to satisfy all categories of players. Indeed, the player has access to  500 different games accessible on PC  including 300 different slot machines. On the other hand, the users of mobiles and tablets have access to their turns to  more than 150 different games  including the main slot machines of the casino. In addition to its toy library, Quatro casino distinguishes itself from its counterparts by the bonuses and promotions it offers to its members. However, despite these positive points, Quatro casino continues to accumulate caveats with the virtual gambling community.

Our team of experts has subjected Quatro casino to  a test period in  order to provide you with  a very objective opinion  on the functionality of this casino!

How to register on Quatro casino?

As with any other online casino, on Quatro casino it is necessary to go through a registration step in order to be able to try out the different components of the platform. To register on Quatro casino, the player must register  by filling out a form  available on the site. This form in question includes all of  the player’s personal information  as well as  his bank details . The casino is committed to its members to protect all of the information recorded in its databases.

Once the player’s account has been created on the casino platform, the latter must be confirmed by making an initial deposit by the player. At the end of the latter, the player can then  try the different games offered  by the casino.

 Languages used by quatro casino

Regarding the languages used by this casino,  French , which is the most spoken language in Quebec is  available at this casino . That said, if you are a Canadian player and you live in French territory, you will unfortunately not have access to the casino quatro site!

Is the quatro casino legal?

The casino site is  completely legal throughout the Canadian territory  with a license given by the  Kahnawake Games Commission  (official organization that makes gaming sites legal in Canada and Quebec). It is also  approved by the Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom , which gives it access throughout the British territory. He also benefits from a  Maltese license  issued by the  Games Authorities of Malta.

What are the deposit and withdrawal methods at Quatro casino?

In order to widen the circle of its customers, Quatro casino makes available to its players  several banking options  accessible to Canadian players in order to allow them to carry out all the monetary transactions necessary for the bet. The  main transaction tools  found on Quatro casino are:

  • Credit cards: visa and master card
  • Interac
  • Idebis
  • Echeck et eco payz
  • Insta debit
  • Pay safe card
  • Instant banking

Although several methods are proposed, however the choice found on Quatro casino remains  limited compared to that found on other  Canadian gambling platforms . As for data processing times, several players complain of a  considerable delay on the latter . Indeed, although the casino promises its customers prompt processing of requests, the latter does not keep its promise in the field. However, we note that the delay recorded on the withdrawal periods is greater than those recorded on the filing deadlines.

In conclusion, at Quatro casino it is easier to deposit your money than to withdraw it!

Quatro casino offers its members the possibility of benefiting from a  working period of 2 days  on withdrawal requests. Therefore, the player can cancel his withdrawal request within 2 working days. However, to be honest our team does not consider this delay as a real privilege for players because this option can be found in many Canadian virtual casinos.

Customer support for quatro casino

Having encountered several problems during money transactions at the casino, our team has contacted customer support to help us. Unfortunately we were  extremely disappointed with the provision of this service.

The customer service being the benchmark of the player in case of problems, it is very important that a team is available 24/7, which is not the case with this casino. We have tried all of the means that are listed on the site, namely: their  instant chatphone number , and even  email address , the results remain the same. Customer service takes several hours or even  days to respond to our messages.  And when the team finally answers, we notice a  lack of precision and details in the answers. This is proof that the team does not take the time to properly analyze the problem of its customers and rather direct them with a standard response used in several cases. Customer service is therefore one of the negative points about this casino and we were not at all satisfied.

What games does Quatro casino offer?

As mentioned above, Quatro casino uses: micro gaming, one of the best software that  can be found in the world of virtual casinos. Quatro casino offers its players to  play after downloading the software . However, for players wishing to play in a fun version, Quatro casino authorizes its latest online version  without download constraints.

After testing the two available game versions, we found that the quality offered on them is far from similar! Indeed, although the fun version allows you to test the game without committing your money, nevertheless the latter offers  average graphics . The second option, for its part, provides better graphic and sound rendering and therefore a better gaming atmosphere.

Quatro casino has an interface imbued with a modern and sumptuous atmosphere . Indeed, in this temple of play, there is a rather varied toy library. Quatro casino offers its players more than  500 different games in all categories . The set of games is divided into  6 main categories  depending on the game and the bet. As a result, Quatro casino ensures that it can satisfy all tastes but also all incomes.

The games found on Quatro casino are as follows:

  • 121 slot machines
  • 360 slots video
  • 25 progressive jackpots
  • 44 blackjack
  • 32 table games
  • 56 video poker
  • 16 bingo games

We also find on Quatro casino the great classics of Micro gamming including the famous: Mega Moolah, Tunzamunni, Poker ride, King cash lot, Roulette royale…

Slot machines at quatro casino

The casino has indeed bet heavily on the diversity of slot machines on the site. The site has a selection of 350 video slots and about a hundred classic slot machines. Despite the variety of slot machines, only some of them are really good qualities. Indeed, apart from famous machines designed by good developers, the other types do  not really have good image quality  and  good redistribution rates.  Which brings us to a choice reduced to a  dozen machines instead of the hundreds  that the casino promises to its players.

Table games: video or live!

Live games are considered one of the most modern games a casino can have. Quatro allows its players to  benefit from around forty table games of  the type mentioned above: black jack, bingo games, roulette, etc.

These games, designed by the evolution gaming developer, are made live with a  real dealer  in one of the  land-based casinos in Toronto . The game takes place exactly like in a classic casino and includes the same atmosphere as that of the latter. That said, despite the innovative concept that the casino has integrated on its platform, the  technical side has not been well taken care of . Indeed, our team in addition to many players on the forums encountered  several bugs and interruptions during the live.  Since table games are strategy games, it is very unfavorable for the player to have a bug during the game, even if it is only for a few minutes because it could cause him to lose money.

Are the games accessible on all types of devices?

The site is accessible from several means, including directly  on the internet or on mobiles and tablets.

It is therefore possible to access games, payment services and customer services through the mobile version. That said, the latter is  not very well developed  unlike the direct site. The application crashes from time to time , and it can be fatal for a game of chance or during a live with a dealer to disconnect suddenly.

Money exchanges are also  slower and more difficult  on the mobile application, the interface takes longer to load. So it’s not practical if you want to enjoy a small game of slot machine during your lunch break!

We also note that the games available on the online casino are  not fully available on the mobile application . It is therefore not guaranteed to enjoy your favorite game at any time of the day.

Of course, it is also possible to access the quatro casino from the online version of the site. The site is available on computer or on MAC. You will have access through this version to the entire selection of games offered by the interface.

Download required?

Several games developed by the micro gamming company are available with the download version only. This means that you need to  install game software  on your computer beforehand to take advantage of it. This method is no longer very famous among the best modern casinos since it can represent a disadvantage for players who cannot download the software.

It is possible to opt for the online version , which is not the subject of a download, but it will be much less efficient and of a  rather poor quality compared to the other.

Bonuses offered by quatro casino

Bonuses are probably the most important point of choice for an online casino player. Being what makes the difference between a land-based casino and an online casino, the latter bet everything on this option to attract a maximum of customers, but  watch out for the attractive offers!

Welcome bonus

The quatro casino offers its players a welcome bonus which is divided over several days  from the time of registration  on the site. Thus, with each deposit, the player will receive more money in his account as well as free spins. The amount received and the spins offered  will vary according to the amount of the player’s stake  , so:

  • For a bet of 10 Canadian dollars, you will have  10 free spins  on the casino, with a bonus of  10 Canadian dollars , which will be valid for 7 days only;
  • For a bet of 20 Canadian dollars, you will have a bet of  20 Canadian dollars  as well as  20 free spins,  which will be valid for 7 days;
  • For a bet of 50 Canadian dollars,  50 free spins  as well as  50 Canadian dollars  will be offered to the player for a period of 7 days;
  • Finally for a bet that goes up to 100 Canadian dollars, you will have  100 free spins  as well as  100 Canadian dollars  for 7 days.

As you can see, the welcome bonuses, no matter how small,  are limited to 7 days . In addition to this duration limitation, the conditions for withdrawing these bonuses are quite complicated to achieve, especially for a period of 7 days. You will have to  bet a certain number of times  before you can benefit from your money and this before the end of the period.

The bonuses, apart from the welcome bonus, are subsequently completely non-existent. Casino loyal players are not eligible for weekly  and occasional bonuses like these counterparts. The  VIP program is also nonexistent  which is a shame. Many betting sites opt for a VIP program to give their players the chance to benefit from exclusive games and promotions, this is not the case with the quatro casino.

Negative Casino Reviews

By finishing our test period, and to make sure that the negative points that we had encountered are rather common, our team to collect the negative opinions of former players on the question forums and on reddit. It must be said that the opinions found were not really positive , here are some examples:

“A real scam!” I have never seen a lack of such seriousness from a casino! I bet 100 dollars and I opted for the welcome bonus that the site offered. Even if I made sure to fulfill all the conditions that the latter imposed on me, the site asks me still more conditions to be fulfilled which were not mentioned at all at the beginning. Since I have exceeded the bonus period with the new conditions, my account has been blocked and my money has disappeared! I wanted to contact customer service but the latter did not answer any of my messages ”

“Customer service is completely absent and money transactions are a real headache on this platform! The withdrawal conditions are endless, it looks like they don’t want us to receive our money! “

Given the different opinions, as well as the experience of our team, we therefore do  not recommend the quatro casino , and invite you to  opt for a safer and more experienced casino  on Canadian territory to have a pleasant and fun experience with online gambling.

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