Luxury Casino review : a Canadian casino that’s worth it?

Today there are several online gambling establishments on the web that satisfy all fans of gambling. Thus, Canadian players can also take advantage of it through the many connected establishments that offer several games, bonuses and attractive offers. Among these online casinos is  Casino Luxury , a Canadian gaming platform that has been active for over 15 years. To get a Luxury Casino opinion, we invite you to read the following article

Registration at Canadian Luxury Casino

The  Canadian online casino Luxury  represents a gaming platform which offers its followers several interesting entertainment as well as Luxury Casino Canada bonuses which bring all players to agreement. The platform presents itself in a simple and effective way which appeals enormously to novice players in the field. In view of the many partnerships signed with the most professional in the world of virtual gaming, each user is able to find the most suitable game.

Regarding registration at the  Canadian Luxury Casino , all the steps are clearly explained on the interface. Players just have to follow the various points mentioned to create a user account.

It should be noted that the platform requires certain personal and banking information in addition. It will also be necessary to provide additional documents in order to prove the identity of the users. A form to fill out is available on the site directly.

Withdrawal / deposit at Luxury online casino

One of the most important criteria to take into account when choosing an online gaming platform is the payment methods. Canadian users must be able to make their Luxury casino withdrawal safely, simply and efficiently. The options available on this platform are quite interesting. However, the latter are very limited and restricted in particular with regard to the speed of payments and transactions.

With regard to Luxury Casino deposits, this type of transaction is also accessible using certain specific payment methods. Among these, we find in particular the following:

  • Skrill and Netteler for electronic wallets;
  • MasterCard and Visa for bank cards;
  • Bank transfers.

Unlike other online casinos available on the web,  Casino Luxury Canada  offers very unsatisfactory methods in terms of security. While the options on offer are among the most popular, players should be aware that transactions generate huge user fees. In addition, the duration of validation of these payments leaves much to be desired.

Unlike international casinos such as FastPay or others that provide players with many currencies, the Luxury Torento casino is limited to certain only. Indeed, withdrawals can only be made from 7 currencies only which remains very restrictive for both beginners and professionals.

Regarding cryptocurrencies, it should also be noted that  Luxury Casino  does not offer any and does not accept either on its platform.

In other words, the Luxury Casino scam is very real on all points. With regard to the regulations governing  withdrawal and deposit Luxury casino , two main authorizations are issued. The first is from Uk Gambling and the second from Malta Gaming. They therefore come from two different countries.

Known to be responsible and competent, these two regulations represent the main advantage, if not the only advantage, of Luxury Canada casino.

The encryption system used thus protects the personal and bank data of Canadian players from Torento, Quebec or any region of the country.

Games available at Luxury Casino

Regarding the  toy library offered by Luxury Casino , it should be noted that the platform really has nothing to envy given that the range of games offered does not match the competition.

It is possible to find on the one hand, a number of entertainment that is close to the average. Indeed, the catalog offers 550 entertainments including the most famous categories. Through 15 years of experience, the platform has managed to cultivate and offer a catalog all that is most standard.

Indeed, the Luxury Casino Test has shown that the games are relatively interesting and this, especially with a view to the partners and developers of available games who come to enrich the game library effectively.

It is possible to cite for example the developer Microgaming which remains one of the most famous available on the casino. Canadian players can access different games. It is possible to find the classic categories as well as others a little more sophisticated grouping the slot machines of which the best known are the following:

  • Immoral Romance ;
  • Push and Punck ;
  • Thunderstruk.

It is possible to find other online casino classics such as poker and blackjack. In addition, live dealer games are also available to allow lovers of this section to fully engage in their activity.

However, while it sounds enticing,  Luxury Casino games  are very limited.

Bonuses available at Luxury Casino

To attract the greatest number of players, online casinos are showing welcome packs. This is indeed a widely used strategy which encourages players to register. Regarding the Luxury Casino bonus, it should be noted that a welcome pack is available. The latter displays the following options:

  • The bonus on the first deposit of 50% up to 150 Canadian dollars;
  • The 50% bonus on the first deposit up to CAD 200;
  • The 25% bonus on the 3rd deposit up to CAD 300;
  • 100% bonus up to CAD 200 on the 4th deposit;
  • The bonus on the 5th deposit of 100% up to 100 CAD.

The  Luxury gaming platform  allows players to win up to CAD 1,000 at the start of registration. However, the offer is not realistic. Indeed, no online casino offers such an attractive offer without consideration. The majority of online gambling establishments offer reasonable bonuses with reasonable winnings, just the opposite of Luxury Casino.

Indeed, by looking a little at the conditions of access to  Luxury Casino bonuses  as well as the requirements for withdrawal of winnings, it is possible to realize very quickly that in the end, Luxury Casino only gives access to to a certain part of the gains. Betting conditions of 50x the initial bet are required. In addition, a minimum deposit of CAD 30 is required.

For novices in the field, meet this condition and simply impossible. Indeed, these beginners know nothing about the principles of online gaming more, they can only play 50 rounds. As a result, they lack both time and money.

Unlike the latter, other establishments offer realistic and generous bonuses with flexible and attractive conditions.

Regarding daily bonuses, it is possible to find certain offers at Luxury Casino in addition to a VIP program. The latter is far from exceptional. It offers players to directly convert their points into several different offers. The higher the VIP level, the greater the benefits that flow from it.

To conclude, one of the main negatives that players point out regarding  Luxury casino  is that the latter claims to offer customer support that is listening and reachable 24 hours a day when in reality, it is very rare to receive a response. Luxury Casino teams.

Negative opinions that can be found on forums or reddit

In fact, if many players expose  Luxury Casino reviews  so negative, it is mainly because of the many drawbacks that this establishment brings together. Indeed, many people have lost money at the casino. In addition, there are many technical bugs and problems encountered. Among the many opinions available on the forums and reddit Luxury Casino, it is possible to cite the following.

“My gaming experience at Luxury Casino has been more than disastrous. This online establishment represents my very first and last gaming experience. After several years, I fortunately met a friend who knew how to offer me another more convincing casino. »  Stéphane 32 years old.


“Luxury casino deposits and withdrawals are subject to several very harsh conditions which do not work in its favor. In addition, I encountered several problems to withdraw my money. Security holes have indeed been identified. So I can never recommend Luxury Casino to my loved ones. »Christopher 28 years old.


“I would first like to remind you that it is very important to choose a good online casino in order to be able to win money. Luxury Caisno is far from one. It is therefore better to avoid it. Caroline 39 years old.

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