Golden Tiger casino review : our opinion about it!

With a growing reputation in Canada and in particular very popular with players from Ottawa and Toronto, the Golden Tiger casino has a lot of shadows on the board.
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When you enter a casino, whether physical online, you participate in it out of your pocket, it is therefore very important not to rush and take the time to do your job well. choice. One of the  biggest mistakes of new players is not to take the time to make a selection based on reviews and opt for the first google search. This is to be prejudicial to you because in the majority of cases, platforms that do not have many qualities will bet everything on advertising and visibility on the net. The Golden Tiger casino is fairly well known in Canada, but why? and how to ensure that it does not involve risks for your money or your data? this is what we are going to find out about this step!

The security issue at Golden Tiger Casino

In the eyes of the law, the site proves its regularization  by means of three licenses  :

  • La MGA.
  • The Kahnawake Games Commission (Canada, Quebec).
  • The gaming commission of the united kingdom.

At first glance, you could say that the Golden Tiger casino is rather well surrounded, however, these are nothing but shambles, indeed the site hardly cares about the confidentiality and the protection of your information. According to several sources and testimonies collected on certain sites, several cases of cheating were reported but the casino did not budge and denied any responsibility in the aforementioned cases. Especially on the Golden Tiger Canada Casino version.

Means of payment

Apart from the security of your personal information, the other point that matters to us at this level is the relationship of the online casino with your funds, the time you wait and the various modes available to you to withdraw your winnings. Do not expect high quality service from this side, Golden Tiger takes between a day and a little less than a week to make your request depending on your means of withdrawal. The waiting time therefore oscillates  between the medium and the very long , and as regards the methods of payment there are no surprises:

  • Bank transfers.
  • The Mastercard.
  • The VISA card.
  • Electronic wallets like Skrill or Neteller.
  • Certain cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin or Bitcoin.

A relatively classic catalog, the negative point therefore not being so much on the number of means but on their processing time. The fact that you can wait several more days depending on the mode used is a bad sign regarding the security of your money.

Availability of customer service

Far from being the biggest flaw on the site, customer support remains well  below our expectations . Despite a large number of means available to you to contact customer service such as direct chat or e-mails, the lag time between request and response is still very long. For an online casino where every minute counts and can make you lose, this is an essential characteristic. All the same, we must admit a certain effort from the platform on the subject, available in theory every day of the week and with generally qualified staff, the service partially fulfilling its mission. In any case, during our test, we did not have any major problems with the latter apart from the somewhat high waiting time.

What do you risk as a Canadian player?

According to preliminary information relayed by most sources, Golden Tiger started its activity and enjoyed a larger base of players on Canadian soil with a slight inclination towards French-speaking regions like Quebec in particular under the name Casino Golden Tiger Toronto. Since the plurality of its players is Canadian, the site plays a lot on it by offering more attractive offers for them. Make no mistake, the casino does not seek to provide you with better gaming comfort but simply to inflate its turnover, you are therefore just as subject to  its security vulnerabilities and its data theft. Worse, since Canadian users are its storefront, you are more likely to attract the lust of hackers and other ill-intentioned people.

The offers offered by the Golden Tiger casino

To stand out, online casinos often opt for promotions marked in bulk on their advertisements, so less experienced players who do not read the small lines of conditions rush headlong towards the trap. This is exactly the strategy adopted by Golden Tiger, it displays bonuses that seem attractive and once you are on the site, you are obliged to validate  a lot of conditions  to access it. Inevitably, after having done so many procedures, the bonuses that you will find will be much less attractive than those promised on the promotional banner. This facet of the casino is one of the most criticized by players.

Casino Golden Tiger bonus offerts

You have arrived on the site, what bonuses are you entitled to? by really enough to jump to the ceiling, in fact, there is only one, this is the welcome bonus. During your registration you will therefore be able to benefit from additions to your first deposits which, strangely, are  not that generous,  and which are divided in this way:

  • 100% bonus on the 1st deposit (limitation to $ 100).
  • 50% bonus on the 2nd deposit (limitation to $ 300).
  • 20% bonus on the 3rd deposit (limitation to $ 500).
  • 30% bonus on the 4th deposit (limitation to $ 500).
  • Last registration bonus equivalent to the very first.

Level promotions, it is the desert, where other casinos offer regular offers during the week or the weekend or according to an event, Golden Tiger does nothing of the kind. You understood correctly, with the exception of the meager deposit deposit bonuses, the site gives no real advantage during your gaming experience.

The different games of the platform

Surprising thing that we noted during our tests, where on the other site, the beautiful part is made to the presentation of the games  to attract you , on Golden Tiger, you have no other choice than to register to see you glimpses of these. In summary you will find three types of games:

  • Table games like Poker or Blackjack.
  • Slot machine games.
  • The jackpots.

This lack of confidence in his abilities is unfortunately justified because when you try the available games which are still more than 500, it’s the cold shower. Lack of originality, poorly designed interface, lack of balance on the majority of the games offered and various bugs to be deplored, certainly one of the worst problems of the platform.

Registration conditions for the Golden Tiger casino

To register, you just have to fill in the boxes of a dedicated form, not really any additional features at this level. What is most disappointing is that this is a site where you will potentially enter  sensitive information . This is also why on some good online casinos you will be asked for specific documents when registering. In this case on Golden Tiger, nothing of the sort, this nonchalance as regards the confidentiality of your data is terribly worrying. As if that were not enough, the site forces you to register to access certain normally trivial parts of an online casino, enough to dissuade you even more from not setting foot there.

Player testimonials on the forums

Whether Canadian or international players, the reviews are fairly unanimous regarding the quality of service of Golden Tiger. We have therefore collected a lot of opinions on the issue on various forums and sites, many of which come from the Casino Golden Tiger Reddit page. The biggest criticisms made at the casino concern the almost non-existent promotional offers, the very low quality of the games as well as the many hiccups relating to navigation on the site. It was also quite ironic to note that the majority  of derogatory comments  come from Canadian users, knowing that the site makes its biggest revenues with them.

Casino Golden Tiger deposit and withdrawal

Casino Golden Tiger withdrawal or not, that is the question. Subject to several conditions, withdrawing money from Golden Tiger is strangely much more restrictive than  the basic measures of  securing it. Surprised ? that’s not all, the site also imposes $ 40 on bank transfers exceeding $ 3000. It is therefore a real obstacle course designed to make your task of withdrawing earnings as difficult as possible. If we dwell on deposits, it is hardly more glorious because apart from the slight bonuses granted for your first activities, nothing is done to simplify your movements of funds.

Special features of the Golden Tiger casino

Even for casinos with a lot of failures, they still retain some little extras that differentiate them from other sites and that we must share with you. In the case that interests us, that is to say Golden Tiger, they do not really jostle at the gate. A rather ordinary live dealer service and with a relatively small list of dedicated games. A presentation of the games different from what we used to have but extremely badly designed. In short, if you were looking for a casino with  original , innovative and functional proposals , go your way.

Interface design and quality

Having started its booming business of online casinos with the advent of the year 2000, Golden Tiger still has very long memories. And due, the interface and the choice of design remained stuck on this period and do not seem to want to move. Graphics that come from another time,  unstable platform  and bugs of all kinds, we still wonder how the servers manage to hold. The casino will soon be celebrating its 20th anniversary, but in light of its latest results, it is not certain that its financial equilibrium will allow it to stay the course.

The loyalty program

One of the most highlighted aspects of the site is its loyalty rewards program. Good point, will you tell us? not really, the program itself is rather nice and advantageous, unfortunately as for withdrawals, the  conditions to be fulfilled  are too restrictive. And it is not finished, no advantage is given to Canadian players at this level when it is they who make up a large part of the community of players at the casino. In short, another starting point that could have given something but which turns out to be disappointing.

What about the Golden Tiger community?

Despite a performance not always at the top and very tight episodes in terms of budget, Golden Tiger has always done. This is particularly due to the group that owns the site and that allows it to stay afloat at times that are harder to pass than others. The casino also shares  the same investors  as well-known sites such as:

  • C. Club (United Kingdom).
  • Nostalgia casino.
  • Action.

Despite everything, times are getting hard for Golden Tiger and the latter is even threatened to shut down in front of its constantly declining membership and in view of the fierce competition which it is only progressing.

The role of Golden Tiger in the world of online casinos

We have already touched on the fact that Golden Tiger is a product of the 2000s since it was born at that time but if we dig a little deeper, it turns out that it played a fairly important role in  democratization casino games,  especially in Canada. It is true that its appearance today does not look very good but it would still be wrong to forget that it allowed a lot of players to have fun at some point. That said, the site is a typical example of why you should not rest on your laurels, not question yourself in a society as changing as ours is an almost sure insurance to lose all interest among players.

Casino Golden Tiger arnaque

Under the supervision of many fairly serious licenses and with a rather effective encryption although somewhat permissive and lax on certain points, Golden Tiger is not the worst student regarding its history with network faults. No case of scam has been officially confirmed on the site although there are many. On the other hand,  the testimonies of cheating  on certain games are far too precise and granted for them to be mere unfounded allegations. Clearly, in addition to being mostly disappointing and unbalanced, the games would also be subject to cheating. This is what came out of our Golden Tiger Casino test.

Reviews and ratings

Several sites and blogs dedicated to casino games often take the case of the Golden Tiger casino to compare it to a good casino and highlight the qualities of this money. Listed individuals, it is not more brilliant, indeed according to  the feedback of the players , they register because of the bonuses which seem to them rather interesting but quickly realize the deception. Not only is there no longer a bonus after a few deposits, but to withdraw your winnings you will have to bet dozens of times the said bonus. Let’s not even talk about games which, in addition to the chance factor, add a notion of balancing completely off the plate. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of casino reviews.

Conclusion and verdict on our Golden Tiger caisno review

Do not waste more time on Golden Tiger, whether it is international casinos or some very good Canadian online casinos, there is plenty to do to occupy your evenings and fill your virtual pockets. The best advice we can give you right now is to avoid this casino and to use the players’ opinions to choose the one you want to play on. Do not be fooled  by overly enticing promises, it is often a simple make-up facade that hides a reverse side of the bland and sometimes even dangerous decor like the Casino Golden Tiger Quebec.

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