Casumo casino review : is this a good casino?

Casumo Canada casino is an online casino straight from Canada. This one is available in  all Canadian cities,  since we find the Casumo Torento as well as the Casumo Quebec. The latter has a wide choice of games in the toy library, which brings together  more than 1000 different games , such as slot machine games, table games or games of chance of all kinds. However, you should know that this casino often receives ratings far below the average from its customers, especially because of  its withdrawal period  which is sometimes extremely long. In this article, we are going to give you our full Casumo casino review.

Registration at Casumo Casino

According to our Casumo casino test, it is important to open an account, so that you can finally  play using real money. To do this, you will only have to access the mobile application of this online casino, or its platform, in order to be able to start creating your account. This  will only take 5 minutes,  which means it is very quick and will not take you very long. However, you should know that it is necessary to have your account verified, in order to make it active and to be able to access all the games in this online casino  without constraint. Nevertheless, before deciding to register on Casumo casino, it would be recommended to inquire about this online casino first, in order to know if its characteristics are advantageous or not. For that, you can  consult the Reddit Casumo , in order to learn more about the Casumo opinions of players who have tested it. This will give you a clear idea of the pros and cons of Casumo online casino.

Now we will explain step by step  how to create an account  at the Casumo online casino, namely:


  • Click on the “registration” box: to register on Casumo, you must first search for  the registration box , then click on it. A form will then appear on your screen.
  • Complete the registration form: once you have displayed the registration form, you will need to enter  all your personal data.  After that, you will have to create your credentials and remember them well because they will allow you to access your account.
  • Have your account validated on Casumo: to validate your account and make it active, it is necessary  to have it verified. To do this, you simply need to open an email, which will be sent to you by Casumo casino.

Withdrawals and deposits at Casumo online casino

To make a Casumo deposit or Casumo withdrawal, you will have to choose  one of the payment solutions  that are offered by this online casino. To do this, you must first consult the list of deposit and withdrawal methods of Casumo casino, in order to know if the payment method that you are used to using is available.

Regarding the Casumo online casino, it offers its customers  the use of conventional methods,  such as bank transfer, check or payment by credit card such as MasterCard or Visa credit  card.  

Casumo casino also allows you to make payments and withdrawals via  Paysafecard or even via Instadebit,  but unfortunately does not allow the use of other better known and more used electronic wallets like Neteller.

Furthermore, you should know that the main disadvantage of Casumo online casino is  its payment time, which is very long  compared to other Canadian online casinos. Indeed, the latter can sometimes take more than a month to pay his customers, which is very restrictive.

You should also know that many players have never managed to pocket the money they could win at this online casino, which suggests that there is a Casumo scam. This casino is therefore not very reliable, so  we recommend that you avoid it  because you risk losing your money without earning a penny.

Indeed, you risk wasting your time playing at this online casino, which has received many complaints from its customers because they never received their money, even  after long months of waiting. It would therefore be recommended to opt for another casino, which is more reliable and more secure than the Casumo casino, which unfortunately lacks reliability and seriousness.

Casumo online casino games

The strong point of the online casino Casumo is without hesitation its toy library, which is well stocked and which offers  all kinds of games,  coming from several different suppliers. As a result, you will be able to  enjoy a certain diversity that  will keep you from getting bored.

Indeed, the Casumo online casino offers lots of different games, including slot machine games, the payout  rate of which is 95%, as  well as other games such as card games. But that’s not all, Casumo casino also offers a selection of live games, which will allow you to play in real time with real players and a real dealer.

However, you will notice that the slot machines of this online casino  are not very profitable, in  particular because of their redistribution rate of 95% which is quite low compared to the rates offered by other casinos and which can easily reach 99 %.

We also note that the game library of this online casino is rarely updated, which means that most of the games it contains are quite old.  Therefore , if you want to  take advantage of the new features, it would be better to turn to another online casino than Casumo, because it is not always up to date.

Casumo online casino bonuses

Casumo online casino offers its customers a number of bonuses, which will allow them to play more games and double their initial bet. Indeed, the Casumo welcome bonus is very advantageous, especially if we compare it with other Canadian casinos. In fact, Casumo casino players can earn  up to $ 1,200 in bonus  right after registering, but only if they deposit this amount.

But that’s not all, Casumo casino also offers other bonuses, such as  a loyalty bonus,  a weekly voucher as well as special bonuses that will be offered to players during special occasions such as birthdays or holidays such as Christmas. or halloween. You will notice however that these bonuses are much less generous than the welcome bonus, which is also  the best bonus of this casino.  

You can also find promo codes on the internet, which will allow you to win small sums of money which will give you access to the Casumo casino games and allow you to place bets. Unfortunately, the Casumo online casino  does not offer an unconditional wagering bonus  , which is a real disadvantage for some players, who wish to test this casino for free without making a deposit.

However, since this online caisino seems like a scam, you can quickly conclude that its bonuses are of no importance, since you are probably never going to be able to pocket them. It would therefore be  advisable to choose another casino, which  has already proven itself with its customers and which is reliable and trustworthy.

The negative opinions that can be found on the forums or reddit about the Casumo casino

After reading numerous reviews about Casumo online casino, we have noticed that its former customers  have not been satisfied with their experience . Indeed, the Casumo casino is accused of being a fraudulent casino, which has the habit of refusing to pay its customers, in order to scam them.

Indeed, many players  have been victims of scams.  And even after being complained to customer service, they received no convincing explanation and were  never able to receive their winnings.  This is why it will be better to play at Casumo casino, because the latter offers nothing good to its players.

We also note that the customer support of the casumo casino is deplorable, given that it is very often unreachable and that it  only gives customers a short time. In addition, the agents of this service are often rude and make no effort to help players in need. Indeed, most players who have failed to pocket their winnings say that customer service has refused to help them solve this problem. As you can see, the Casumo Casino is to be avoided at all costs.

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