Captain cooks casino review : should we play on it?

Online casinos in  Canada are very promising for many. Others, however, are much less so we have taken advantage of this article to provide you with a review that we hope to be complete with regard to the Captain Cooks casino. We will therefore discuss different concepts of this casino,  including deposits  and withdrawals at Captain Cooks Casino, but also what we have learned from our experience with the scam suffered at Captain Cooks casino.

Our article will be broken down into several parts to detail this test on the Capitain Cooks casino as it should be, drawing sometimes on our personal experience within it, and sometimes  through Reddit  where many customers have left their impressions. . Good reading !


Registration at Captain Cooks Casino

Before starting our more in-depth review, we will start with the very first part, which concerns the registration phase at the  online casino.

Indeed, and as everywhere where it is a question of having deeper transactions and interacting with the system, it is necessary to have an account of your own with a password and a user name. This is what will allow you to authenticate yourself  within the  casino interface to be able to play and perform all the tasks to which you are entitled while benefiting from an account.

Regarding the steps you must go through,  you will have to think  about the following.


  • First go to the site.
  • Press the button that will take you to the registration process.
  • Specify the personal information requested.
  • Specify what concerns your bank details.
  • Provide proof.
  • Wait to be validated.

Indeed, the site will logically ask you to provide a set of contact details and information, including all that is surname, first name, address, e-mail address, to establish your profile. In addition to that, and since it is at the casino level to  manipulate money  it will be necessary to bet and recover money. As a result, you will also need to provide some information about your bank account, the methods you use to make deposits and withdrawals, and much more.

However, that is not enough as you will also have to prove your identity by providing them with  a scanned copy  of your ID, driver’s license, or other.

Once done, make sure that all the details are correct and that everything has been put in the right place before you can finally press  the “validate” button . The major drawback in any case with the registration procedure at the Captain Cooks casino which welcomes, let us specify, users across Canada such as Quebec or Toronto, is the fact that the procedure is rather long and takes  a long time  to finally be finished.


What users think of the registration phase



We surveyed them surveyed customer reviews and we found that many find the waiting period for account confirmation far too long. We had to wait no less than a week, which is unacceptable to them as much as to us. Some had the time to withdraw and ended up opting for  other Canadian casinos that were faster in the process and were able to process their requests faster.


Withdrawals and deposits at Captain Cooks Casino

Let’s go now to tell you about deposits and withdrawals at  Captain Cooks casino.  This is an important and even crucial point for the future as you know that deposits and withdrawals constitute basic criteria on which all judgment is based with regard to  an online casino.

It is important that they can meet three main criteria:


  • diversity in methods,
  • Security,
  • the rapidity.

Speed and security

In terms of speed, it will greatly depend on the method you choose. Indeed, we warn you immediately that the methods are not very numerous, and that it is therefore unfortunately  not easy  to find a method that can really suit you.

Depending on the method you are going to use, your withdrawal can take 24 hours, two days, or even six days. We find that  the duration of six days is still excessive, but as with other online casino platforms, deposits are made instantly.

As a reminder, a deposit will then be used to put your money at stake so that you can play the various games of chance that will be made available to you. For withdrawals , it will be to withdraw either the money that you will have deposited before having bet, or to collect the profits that you will have managed to collect thanks to your performances in the various games. Generally, you will have  to play several games  and aim for bonuses to be able to quickly enrich yourself and  multiply your winnings.


Resources made available to customers at the Captain Cooks casino

Now let’s move on to the different techniques that you can use to  make your deposits  and withdrawals. There aren’t many of them as we explained above, so you’ll have to settle for limited credit cards, a few  wallets , and bank transfers. We note the absence of the best known for each category, and it is also a shame to note that the most popular and most common method (namely bank transfers) is the one that takes the  most time  with six working days. We also don’t find the bitcoin payment technology which is very interesting and adopted by  many Canadian casinos. Indeed, withdrawal times are much shorter and they can therefore be done in an almost instantaneous time.


You will therefore find that with regard to withdrawals and others, the challenge is not really taken up for this casino which therefore does not really rank as being  one of our favorites , especially since it also requires a withdrawal threshold which must exceed the $ 100 (Canadian dollars).


The games offered at the Captain Cooks casino

Now let’s move on to the games. Now that you know a little better how the registration process and that of deposits and withdrawals takes place, we can move on to the games process to tell you about  the game library  that is offered at this online casino.

Unfortunately, be aware that the casino requires you to download to be able to play multiple games. This is a criterion that often bothers because users prefer  far  interfaces that show the game directly in one click instead of requiring the user to make incessantly downloads. It is a pity we find!

Now let’s move on to the games on offer, here is a non-exhaustive list of what  the casino offers you in terms of entertainment.


  • A very wide range of slot machines.
  • Many card games, including blackjack or poker.
  • Roulette with in particular the American variant which is appreciated in Canada.
  • Other games like sports betting or bingo.

To tell you more about the games, the slot machines in particular are machines that you can find on a  large number of other casinos.  You will find in particular titles from large publishers with very beautiful graphics, interesting gameplay, and diverse themes. We also appreciate the fact that the slot machines are so numerous and attractive, sometimes with interesting bonuses (sometimes not too!). For  the rest of the games , we appreciate the fact that we can play it in several variants. Some international users prefer for example the variant of their country, especially French or Belgian, and they can discover this, even if for  other games in addition to the slot machines, the gameplay is sometimes not the most efficient, which means that some titles were quickly abandoned by players who did not necessarily find  much interest. 

For the software itself, it has a more or less average reliability. If the latter is high for some games, it is less for others, which makes us say that the casino has not been able to be  sufficiently selective  when choosing publishers who offer the games to present to customers.

You will understand, if you ever opt for the Captain Cooks casino, you should certainly exercise a lot of caution when choosing games  since they can definitely be  a scam. We are also more skeptical about bonuses, which we will try to detail in the next part of this article. So be very careful once again, and know where to throw your money, so we already have big doubts about the games that are on the toy library of  the Captain Cooks casino  !


Bonuses at Captain Cooks Casino

Let’s agree on one thing, because if the games are good at an online casino, it is also very important to have bonuses that are interesting to  allow you  as a player to win multiplied winnings and to become rich ! It is after all  the ultimate goal  of any user of the casino, and it is necessary for this to opt for a casino that can really meet this criterion. For the bonuses that you can find at Captain Cooks casino,  these are the following. 


  •  A $ 500 bonus plus 100 free spins for the welcome gift.
  • $ 5 bonus on first deposit and 100 free spins.
  • First free spin on progressive slots.
  • 100%, then 50% then 25% then 100% bonus up to $ 100, $ 150, $ 125 and finally $ 100 on the second, third, fourth, and fifth bonus respectively.

Also note that the minimum deposits  are set at $ 5 . We will therefore avoid lying, it must be said that it is downright catastrophic as proposals, and we consider that it is a real scam since the advertising campaign said otherwise about bonuses. These are passable at best and do not stand out at  all  like the Canadian casinos to offer something much better are numerous and as for the VIP club present on the Captain Cooks casino, the offers of this one do not come out not at all of the lot, and it must be said that access to it is really not very clear. Result, the players are not well taken care of and do not even know how to proceed to  access the club.

People who have already been able to test the games indeed say that the bonuses on deposits are not attractive, so that the cases of losses are higher than anything else, in particular due to the few slot machines with a rate of high return and progressive jackpots. We also do not find free spins among what is proposed in terms of offers to allow to speed things up even more, and the pool of the average player  will remain little filled , even if he strings the victories repeatedly .



As is the case with games, this is another disappointment that we face with a   very limited bonus offer . This is in any case also the opinion of users on Reddit about the Captain Cooks casino   who also find the offer very poor and not at all convincing in their eyes. After all, we can only join them on this notice, Reddit  and Facebook  are full of comments along these lines.


Negative opinions and other complaints found on Reddit

So we will finish by talking to you in  more detail  about the negative comments we talked about a little above!

Indeed, the vast majority of people do not seem to have  greatly appreciated  the services of this casino, and our test does confirm this. Here are the main points that have been raised by customers on forums like Reddit below  .


  • The interface is not efficient enough.
  • Bugs and security issues seem to be common.
  • Problem with the mobile application.
  • Customer support is not always available.
  • No diversity in the means of payment.
  • Not very interesting bonuses.

Whether the point concerning bonuses or the point concerning the means of payment that are available and which are sorely lacking in diversity. So  let’s talk more about  the mobile application which according to the Captain Cooks casino allows you to do everything you can do in the web application. We note that the application is really heavy and not easy to use. It indeed contains a  good number of bugs  and other concerns which make that we did not appreciate our experience at all!

It is enough after all to note how many negative opinions are numerous and we also think that it will be removed soon enough from the  Play Store  if the flood of bad ratings continues. Regarding security issues, this is a topic that has been asked frequently on forums like Reddit. Users have complained about a lack of security and testify that it would be  common for hackers  to be able to intercept transactions and steal content from customers’ funds. This is what would have happened several times, but we do not have more information on the subject. With  all these negative opinions, it must be said that the reputation of the online casino has taken a big hit, but it is normal after all for the customers to recount their experience.

In any case, we indeed testify that it is a real scam, and this, from our point of view first of all, then by consulting the  many opinions  of Internet users on the Facebook pages reserved for casinos online or even this one specifically, on forums like Reddit, etc.

What is said about  customer service  is also true. It must be said that the support for customers on the platform is not at the top. Customer service at  Captain Cooks Casino  is not at all top notch, so efforts should also be made to improve it.

In conclusion therefore, our experience at this casino was not at all pleasant. We started with a registration phase which proved to be restrictive and which took us a  long time.  It was a first experience on the casino far from being pleasant. Subsequently, we continued with problems with withdrawals, in particular and particularly with regard to the payment methods available to us. If  the proposed games are acceptable, it is less the case with the bonuses which are far from satisfying us. We hope that this test has been useful for you, and we insist that you should opt  for a casino  that can really meet the criteria mentioned in this article.

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