888 Casino review : the complete review

Nowadays,  online casinos  are becoming more numerous and this is surely due to the fact that they offer a very large number of advantages like obviously the fact of winning large sums of money easily, in full safety and in record time. However, it is just as easy to lose a lot of money and that is why you have to stay reasonable in games.

The downside to online casino games is the large number of casinos available which makes the choice much more difficult. Indeed, it is already not easy to find a casino that meets our expectations and even less when there are as many. Especially since some sites are far from reliable take advantage of the naivety of beginners to scam them. We will therefore help you by telling you about the Canadian casino  888 Casino review.


888 Casino review, what you need to know

Although it is accessible around the world, 888 Casino is owned by  888 Holdings PLC  and it is a Canadian casino which was created in 1997 by the Shaked brothers (Avi and Aron) as well as Ron Ben-Yitzeh, it is one of the oldest online casinos in canada. Generally, the great experience and longevity of a casino indicates that it is good and secure but is it really the case? 888 Casino is it really worth? This is what we will discover together.



Given the large number of casinos available on the net, it is obvious that they must differentiate themselves by offering their players a number of good quality features in order to attract as many people as possible and do their  best gains . So we will see some important points about 888 Casino.


Registration at 888 Casino

The first thing you look at in an online casino is the interface and its quality!  The platform of the site  is therefore quite simple and not too complicated to use, which means that beginners will normally have no problem because the headings are very well highlighted. Obviously, the platform does not need to be downloaded and it uses all the codes of  the gaming world.

In terms of design, like the casino application, the 888 Casino platform is rather modern with a drastic touch to improve even a little bit of the customer experience.

As a result, registering at 888 Casino  is just as easy as registering at other online casinos. Indeed, you just need to select the “registration” tab and fill out a form with your personal and bank data to make your transactions. For your first withdrawal, you may be asked to confirm your identity by sending certain additional documents.


Withdrawal and deposit methods

In a casino or any other online site,  banking options  are a must! Indeed, each site must offer its customers the possibility of making transactions via reliable, fast and secure banking options.

As for 888 Casino Canada, the latter obviously offers its players some payment methods especially for deposits and some others for withdrawals. For additional information on procedures or others, simply consult the “withdrawal” and “deposit” tabs. Here are the methods offered by  888 Casino depot  :

  • ApplePay,
  • AstroPay,
  • Et Abaqoos.

As said before, the banking options for deposits are not the same as for withdrawals. So here are the methods offered for the  888 Casino withdrawal  :

  • Credit and debit cards,
  • The checks,
  • And Bank Wire.

As you have probably noticed, the banking options offered are not very numerous and not very well known, which leads us to have  doubts about their reliability  and this, whether for deposits or even for withdrawals. Especially since if you do not have access to these payment methods, you will not be able to play at the casino.



You should always choose a casino that offers a lot of banking options in order to meet the expectations of all players, and this is far from the case with 888 Casino. Regarding the currencies accepted at the casino, let’s not forget that it is Canadian and therefore the currencies accepted are therefore the Canadian dollar naturally (CAD), the euro (EUR) and the DKK.


Casino customer service

When choosing an online casino,  customer service  is one of the most important criteria to take into account because it allows you direct communication with the professionals who own the casino in question and who are supposed to improve your experience. Customer service must therefore be available at all times to meet all of the players’ needs.

Like all online casinos,  888 Casino Quebec  obviously offers its customers assistance to help them, whether in Quebec or around the world. 888 Casino therefore has a customer service available by live chat on the site for answers to simple questions and by email for complaints or other needs that take time. The support is reachable most of the time but in terms of its effectiveness is something else.

Indeed, although you can reach 888 Casino customer support at any time, it will not be of much help to you because it is not at all competent. Complaints are rarely taken into account and the advice is not very helpful. However, there is a FAQ section on the site where you will find the most frequently asked questions with their answers.


888 Casino review, bonuses available

As there are many online casinos these days, they are therefore in competition and they have to find a way to attract as many customers as possible. For years now, the most used means has been the quality of the bonuses offered. Indeed, the vast majority of online casinos offer a number of bonuses and promotions to their customers in order to satisfy them and welcome as many people as possible.

Obviously, 888 Casino is no exception to this rule, it offers its customers various fairly attractive bonuses. Here is what the 888 Casino bonus  presents  :

  • No deposit bonus: all new members of the casino who have just signed up will be entitled to a no deposit bonus of 88 CAD in order to try out the games available and get an opinion on the reliability of the site,
  • The welcome bonus: when you decide to stay on the site and make your very first deposit, the casino offers you a welcome bonus of 100% up to the limit of 200 CAD.

Indeed, the bonuses offered by 888 Casino are quite interesting especially with regard to the offer without deposit, the casino offers you the possibility to test its reliability for yourself. However, as with the majority of other online casinos, there are  certain bonus conditions  which can be disabling and for this, we invite you to consult the casino’s official website to take a look at these conditions.


The other promotions

Besides the bonuses mentioned above which are reserved for new members of the casino, 888 Casino obviously offers other promotions to the oldest players of the platform. These promotions are intended to encourage players to stay at the casino and always bet more money. Here is what 888 Casino offers you as offers:

  • Live casino promotions: these promotions will therefore be given to you when you play live casino games. This means that you will get a bonus when you get an 8 on live roulette, different prizes for different live blackjack tables (from 750 to 1,200 CAD),
  • Daily promotions: different offers for different days of the week, they consist of a raffle of 500 CAD, 12% cashback, 30% bonus for deposits and some bonuses on certain games,
  • The promotion of the beginning of the month: every beginning of the month, there is a draw which offers CAD 888 to those who played on this day,
  • The other promotions: these bring bonus points which you can exchange for real money and in addition, every 21st of the month you can win 300 CAD in blackjack.

As you can see,  the promotions  of 888 Casino are very interesting, it is difficult not to be tempted by them but we must not forget the wagering conditions imposed by the casino.


The VIP program of 888 Casino

Given all the offers available at 888 Casino, it is expected that the latter will offer a VIP program to its players and this is indeed the case. Indeed, the most loyal players at 888 Casino will be entitled to  a  VIP service  which offers them several exclusives such as additional promotions, sweepstakes only for VIP members as well as gifts such as jewelry, weekends and other…



In addition, the casino organizes many events in the four corners of the world exclusively reserved for its VIP members such as match tickets, concert tickets or short vacations. The program has 03 levels including VIP, VIP Gold and VIP Platinum, of course, each level has more rewards than the previous one. The latter is owned by 06 managers with whom you can get in touch by phone or email, the number available in Canada is 1-800-480-5172.

888 Casino is a casino  very generous  to its players, we could see it after our  888 Casino test . This is what brings him the vast majority of his players. However, professional players know that a generous casino is far from being synonymous with a good casino and it is for this reason that one should not simply dwell on  the bonuses offered.


888 Casino review, the games available

The most important point in an online casino is the  range of games available . Indeed, games are obviously the most important thing in a casino because they are the basis of an online gaming site. Therefore, online casinos must offer their customers good quality games of different types to meet the needs of all players.



As for 888 Casino, the latter presents  a game library  of over 100 games of all genres thanks to the software with which it works. Here is what 888 Casino offers as games to its customers:

  • Live dealer games and video poker,
  • Card games like Baccarat, Poker and Blackjack,
  • Table games like roulette, craps and Sic Bo,
  • The different slot machines.
  • Other games like Financials and keno.

However, 888 Casino does not offer the greatest number of games, it is not at all its goal it seeks rather to offer unique games with superior quality.

As for the  slot machines at  888 Casino, you even have the possibility of obtaining one of the very numerous jackpots some of which offer millions of dollars. There is also the possibility of playing free games which obviously do not offer you any money but which nevertheless offer you free spins or some bonuses.

For live dealer games  , these are first available at all times, even in the middle of the night. Several casino games are available as live games and in addition, you will be able to play on several tables at the same time, using the “Multi-Play” feature.

Belonging to the famous  Evolution Gaming,  these live dealer games are obviously of exceptional quality with very friendly dealers. It is rather logical considering the software which holds these games, they are obviously available on all the casinos which work with Evolution Gaming.


L’application mobile

Mobile applications are not essential in an online casino but it is an additional point which brings many advantages. Indeed, the latter brings more flexibility to players and offers them the possibility of playing their favorite games anywhere and anytime.

On 888 Casino, the mobile application is undoubtedly one of the most advantageous points of the casino. Indeed, the latter allows its users to play all the games available on the “ classic ” platform on the web version, whether on Android or iOS, it is accessible on iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone as well as on Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus 9 and Windows Surface Pro tablets.



In order to push its customers to download the mobile application, 888 Casino offers  200 CAD bonus , an amount with which players will be able to test and above all win on several different games such as slot machines for example. Live dealers are also available on the mobile version and this gives you more freedom and flexibility.

As for the platform of the mobile version of the casino, the latter is not at all complicated to use, you only have to download the application on your device, identify yourself and that’s it! This is arguably the most important benefit of 888 Casino.


888 Casino review, our opinion

Above all, what do 888 Casino players think? We searched everywhere on the online forums and we found that on  888 Casino Reddit  most players have a negative opinion on the casino, whether it be for  888 Casino Toronto , Quebec or anywhere in Canada or in the world. Indeed, the vast majority of players at 888 Casino have played at the casino for the incredible bonuses and promotions it offers, but left it immediately after trying it.

For our part, the 888 Casino casino has good as well as bad points. For the positive points we find the fact that the casino offers interesting bonuses and that it has a mobile application worthy of the name but for the negative points, we find the incompetence of the customer support, the very low number of games and means of payment that are probably not secure. So this is clearly an  888 Casino scam .

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