777 casino review : What can we say about this Canadian casino?

Casino 777  has established itself in different countries of the world, today we are going to focus on  casino 777 in Canada . Here too it is found in different cities across the country: Toronto; Montreal; Ottawa; Vancouver; Quebec; Laval; Sherbrook; Cambridge… etc. The principle is simple we will test the casino following this we will discuss some points concerning the casino including the steps of joining the casino, the terms of deposit and withdrawal it offers, the games of course, the bonuses but also all opinions that other players have issued based on their personal experience.

We have always said it is important before testing a casino to see the opinions of other players to get an idea from the start, this obviously is not enough to have his own idea is what there is better.

The platform offered by the 777 casino

We begin our  test of the 777 casino  with a presentation of its platform or in other words its home page. Like all online casinos,  Casino 777  relies heavily on colors bright enough to draw more attention.

We therefore find a good part of the bonuses that the casino offers, different tabs to be redirected to different pages of the casino:

  • Service client,
  • Game section,
  • FAQ,
  • Live casino.

There are obviously other headings but these are the most important and generally the most used. As far as  Live casinos  are concerned, games are put directly online so you can view parts of  various games live  on your screen. It is an excellent method to improve in a casino game as you see the method of play of all the partners in this part and thus get inspired while developing your own technique.

The welcome is on a black background with touches of green. We first therefore find the button that leads to registration and below the different games found on the site, they are classified into categories:

  • Trend,
  • Novelty,
  • Popular.

Then we noted a particular point, the casino presents its  best players . We think it’s a good idea since everyone is a winner. Players compete to be on this list, doing so they are spending a lot of money and the casino is winning. We therefore liked this initiative of the casino which lists its best members by mentioning their winnings.

So at first glance there is not much to complain about the casino 777 in terms of its reception. This is a very important point and the casino quickly understood it by presenting it in a refined but complete manner.

Register at Casino 777

To register at  casino 777  is like most casinos, you will need to provide personal information, the username you want and the password. However, casino 777 does not stop there and has an endless list of requirements. It has been found that many players have decided not to register because of this point.

Another point that adds to this is the fact that it is not possible to test the casino without registering, something that we really do not understand since this is the case with all competing casinos. So a person wanting to get an idea about the 777 casino, should systematically register. Big big big negative point for the casino which sees losing an enormous number of potential players, who do not find the use of registering just to be able to test the games.

The games offered by casino 777

The games of a casino  make its reputation, if it offers attractive games there will be a certain craze and therefore the users will appreciate otherwise the casino will lose a lot of players.

There are four main categories of games for  the 777 casino  : card games, live casino games, slot machine games as well as jackpots and finally roulette games.

As for slot machines we find a lot with different names just test to find your favorite.

When we see these categories we say that we will certainly not be bored at the casino and yet it is. When we are interested in each category we see a cruel lack of games. A casino is by definition a place where there are several games, which is far from being the case for casino 777. There is very little slot machine, roulette or card games no matter what missing.

Bonuses offered by casino 777

It is undoubtedly the favorite section of players since you can take advantage of small sums of money or percentage interesting enough to play. Each casino offers its own bonuses, but generally they have the welcome bonus in common  . As for the welcome bonus of the  777 casino  it amounts to 100% for 312 dollars in first deposit. There are also bonuses called  Freeplay which amounts to a deposit of 2340 dollars and this is where we find a huge problem in the sense that it is an exorbitant sum especially since it is valid only the first week that we register . Generally when we test a casino we are suspicious and we do not dare to bet such a sum where well we are simply a beginner in the field and we do not bet either. Conclusion this bonus is uninteresting and unusable by most.

Clearly we do not understand why the casino made it available when when we compare it to other competitors we find very attractive and interesting bonuses. A welcome bonus is not enough in the gambling world.

777 Casino Withdrawal and Deposit Methods

This point often encounters problems with most of the casinos and it is generally the same concern which returns. Casino 777 is no exception to the rule since we and the players are not satisfied with this point.

The deposit methods  we have are:

  • Bank transfer,
  • Paypal,
  • Mastercard.

Clearly  very few means of payment , something that we absolutely do not understand given all the means we currently have. The casino must update its means of payment to be able to satisfy everyone.

Obviously thus, many are forced to convert their means of payment or withdrawal to another accepted by the casino or simply abandoned and no longer join the casino and on this last point it is the casino that loses.

Negative opinions that can be found on forums or reddit

As we said at the very beginning,  the best way  to get an idea of a casino is to look at the reviews on the forums or as they are called in Canada the redicts.

On the forums we meet a lot of negative opinions around the 777 casino especially concerning the lack of diversity of games, the bonuses which are almost non-existent and very unattractive for those available. We also noted the lack of payment methods, it is a unanimous opinion on it, the casino must add new payment methods to meet the demands and avoid losing even more potential customers. Another point noted in  the reddit it is customer service that is not competent and professional; indeed the latter does not take all the calls and when this is the case the staff lacks know-how and quickly loses patience after a few questions. We all know that customer service must be available to the customer precisely and that he must answer even the most mundane questions about the casino. Many players have pointed out this problem but until today no action has been taken by the casino officials, the staff are still rude.


To conclude our article concerning our opinion on  Casino 777  we will have seen it well throughout the test that we are not won over, there are a lot of gaps to review, incomprehensible points and we go on.

We have tested many casinos, over time we have gained some experience and therefore we can say that clearly  we do not recommend Casino 777  to our Canadian readers. There are a good number of other casinos which are much more interesting and reliable than the 777 casino, we really think that it is a huge waste of time to try to test it since in reality we do not find much, as we said very few games, very few bonuses and very few payment methods so nothing pushes us to recommend it to you.

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