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*NEW*OpenHalton GeoCoder BETA (CSV -> GeoCode + KML)  <– no warranties, use at your own risk

How to use it:

1. Get your address data into a CSV file with 1 address per row. It can be an intersection or an actual address. Note: you can use comma-delimited fields like Address, City, Province like so:

MAIN H and CAROLINE,Hamilton,Ontario
GLENDALE AV and DUNSMURE,Hamilton,Ontario
GARTH and GARROW,Hamilton,Ontario
SYDENHAM RD and KING D,Hamilton,Ontario

This is data from the STREET1 and STREET2 fields from the Pedestrian Accidents spreadsheet collision data Hampedmasterplan to TLC.xls on OpenHamilton google group. I added “Hamilton, Ontario” for better geocoding.

2. Paste the data into the Input Address field.

3. Let it rip – enjoy the geocoded results (copy + paste into a CSV) plus the formatted KML.

Let me know any questions, bugs or suggestions.

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