We are a group of citizens who live or work in the Halton region joined to help drive the Open Data and Open Government agenda in the Halton region.

We believe that Open Data – data released by the government for re-purpose in open and machine readable formats – empowers citizens and serves as a catalyst for great ideas with potential to improve quality of people’s lives and make our cities, regions and country a better place. It changes the way governments connect to citizens, and the way citizens interact with the governments. Open Data is a platform for greater government transparency, accountability and participation – the tenants of Open Government.

This video explains what open data is and why it’s important:

#opendata from Open Knowledge Foundation on Vimeo.

Our vision is for Halton cities to have Open Catalogues of non-PII data made publically available so that citizens and application developers could derive insights and find innovative uses for that data.

Our mission is to drive the  Open Data and Open Government agenda in Halton by raising awareness, organizing developers and IT professionals, engaging with citizens and partnering with government, educational and private organizations.

Our objectives are many, but the primary short-terms goals are to:

  • Help Halton and its cities to create Open Data Catalogues: online repositories of government data made publically available in machine-readable formats
  • Spark great ideas and drive projects that leverage Open Data with tangible benefits to the citizens of Halton, with several projects as the outcome
  • Foster development of citizen-ready applications that leverage Open Data from Halton and cities’ catalogues

We believe that setting the Data “free” will empower application developers and consequently citizens to derive more insights and uses, and provide more value than it currently does. Along the way we hope to engage and collaborate with public and private organizations, government and educational institutions, policy makers and citizens, as well as other like-minded groups and Open Data & Open Gov communities in Canada and worldwide to help get the most value out of Open Data.

All opinions reflected on this blog are those of OpenHalton members as citizens and residents of our respective communities and not those of our respective employers.

Halton is comprised of the towns of the MiltonOakvilleHalton Hills and the City of Burlington.