16 April 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Open Data in Milton: Possibly in 2013

This tweet from Milton Councillor Rick DiLorenzo has re-ignited possibilities offered by Open Data:

OpenData coming back 2 #Milton Council A&P committee tonite 7pm. Staff recommend add to 2013 budget as pilot project @OpenHalton

The  ADMINISTRATION AND PLANNING COMMITTEE  agenda for April 16, 2012 has this agenda item referencing the Open Data Report (CORS-07-12) prepared by Milton town staff:

1 Staff Report CORS-017-12

Subject: Open Data

Staff Recommendation: THAT report CORS-017-12 regarding Council’s inquiry into the costs, resources and risks involved with the possible implementation of Open Data be received for information;
AND THAT staff be directed to include in the 2013 budget a program for Council consideration to enable the delivery of data in an alternative format to support an Open Data initiative.

Bottom line, there is a _possibility_ that 2013 budget may include a program for open data.