22 November 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Burlington Parks

With the Burlington Open Data pilot in full swing, the very first piece of data in the Halton Region released under an Open Data license became the “long hanging fruit” dataset listing Burlington Parks / Facilities / Fields and Courts.


The dataset released on Sep 19th was released as a spreadsheet with multiple tabs – and formatted to make it easy for citizens to consume with spreadsheet software.

Within a few hours, I built a Burlington Parks Finder app (web & smartphone mobile), which was a quick adaptation of the Vancouver Parks Finder, previously built using Vancouver’s park listing from their open data catalogue. As with Vancouver’s data, the application leverages the SIMILE Exhibit software, which makes it easy to build map / search applications even for those with limited developer skillz (read: that’s me Smile )

This is open data in action – an example where cities can leverage each other’s open data initiatives to release (and improve upon) datasets, which are similar in formats, schemas and range of information. This makes it extremely easy to customize and re-use in similar type applications – saving time for developers, and providing immediate value to citizens.