04 July 2011 ~ 4 Comments

Burlington Open Data focus group

The City of Burlington has invited anyone interested in open data / open gov / gov 20 community to participate in the following e-Gov Focus Group:

OH Burlington Open Data Focus GroupSession 5: Targeted to OPEN DATA
July 6: 7 to 9 p.m.
Brant Hills Community Centre
2255 Brant Street

Participants will discuss ideas on how e-Goverment can provide interested parties with published government data in open formats.

Register on EventBrite (optional) here: http://opendataburlington.eventbrite.com/

Why is this a big deal?

Open Government Data creates innovation and business opportunities for local organizations.

It’s GREAT to see the City of Burlington recognizing this and taking active steps to engage with citizens, open gov / open data activists & IT community through an open dialogue. Way to go!

This Focus Group is intended as an exploration of what’s possible in Burlington / Halton, voicing of the various opinions, exploring areas of opportunities, addressing concerns and – most importantly — how we can get the ball rolling with the City’s help!

If you live/work/study in Burlington or Halton and are interested in Open Data, Open Gov, Gov 2.0 – this Focus Group is a must-attend for you!

The tentative agenda proposed for the workshop is as follows:

Individual Introductions – 1 minute about yourself and why you are here.

Intro and Learn about the topic
City / Consultant to lead a brief 5 minute intro and presentation about e-Government to be, examples of e-Government in action and how this piece of work fits within the overall e-Government program (e.g. policy, strategy, implementation). This will also provide an update about where the City of Burlington is with Open Data (e.g. SMT presentation, recommendation to Council, etc …)

Open Halton (and Silicon Halton) take on Open Data / Open Government
Short 10-15 minute presentation from Open Halton on Open Data and Open Government – on Open Data possibilities and opportunities – to set the stage for open discussion

Open / Facilitated Discussion with the following key topic area:

  • What can the City do to facilitate and stimulate the Open Data community in Burlington?
    What data is the Community interested in? What is the low hanging fruit? Where should we start?
  • Can we prioritize the importance of those datasets?
  • Are there any barriers to Open Data in Burlington that we need to overcome?
  • What pitfalls should the City be aware of, and avoid?
  • What are your expectations regarding data formats?
  • What questions do you have for the City?
  • How can the City and the Community stay in contact?
  • Any other questions / comments?

Please email or tweet if you have questions / comments about this Focus Group / Workshop.

Hope to see you there!