25 November 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Open Data Hackathon – Dec 4th

OpenGuelphThings have been quite busy with open data in the last few months. Some of Open Halton team members Mark, Aaron, and myself have been head down working on Emitter.ca (Mark’s post on it here), and we were even featured in the front page of Oakville Beaver. Woo hoo! We are still getting some feeback & suggestions on Emitter, and also ideas for new open data apps that could be created.

So, here’s your opportunity to be part of building an Open Data OpenHalton_Twitter_v2_150x150application, and make a difference for the Halton region communities. In partnership with Open Guelph our team is organizing an Open Data Hackathon on December 4th, where we’ll tackle a project to help make City Ward & Town Council information easier to access for citizens. We’re doing our part in the International Open Data Hackathon Day. Our our Hackathon we’re planning to “liberate” the ward boundary data that today is contained in .PDF files on various websites, and integrate that data with council contact information. All of this we hope to make available as a web site and also a mobile application by the end of day on December 4th.

Register HERE, particularly if you are comfortable with graphics design, or work with data (at least know how to use Excel and how to move around data from web pages / HTML to Excel or other spreadsheet software), or are a web or mobile developer, or even if you just have good ideas and want to help out at the hackathon — we’d love for you to come out. The hackathon will take place at Microsoft Canada (event sponsor) at Meadowvale & Mississauga rd intersection (401 & Derry area).

Check out the HACKATHON WIKI, where we are aggregating ideas, tips, developer links, etc. and feel free to add your own ideas & thoughts on what would make for a compelling application that addresses the challenge of more accessible ward/city council information.

It’s a great opportunity to discover what open data can do for you and your city & to also network and enjoy some “geek time” with likeminded techies :) See you there??